Reading comprehension 1

Summer Valley Progressive School

My name is Johnny Aloysius and I go to Summer Valley Progressive School in Australia. My school is small – there are 60 pupils and four teachers. There are four classes every day, and they start at 8.30am. There are no classes at the weekend.

My school is very different to other schools because it is not very strict – we don’t wear school uniform and we study when we want to, because the classes aren’t compulsory and homework is optional. There are school meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1.45pm until 2.30pm. At the meetings we talk about the school rules – but there aren’t very many!

I like all the subjects, but my favourite class is maths with Mr Gillbanks. I like art too, but I’m not very good at drawing! I really like my school, especially the food- it’s fantastic, and sometimes we help to make it! Would you like to go to a school like mine?.

GLOSSARY: compulsory – obligatorio drawing – dibujo/dibujar, sometimes – a veces

1. Read the text and answer the questions.

a) Does the school have a lot of rules?
b) Is Johnny happy at school?

2. Read the text again. Write true or false for each sentence.

a) Summer Valley is big.
b) Johnny has 20 classes a week.
c) Johnny has lessons on Saturday.
d) Homework isn’t compulsory.
e) There are three school meetings every week.
f) Johnny doesn’t like the food at his school.

3. Vocabulary. Find the word in the text to match these definitions.

a) students
b) Saturday and Sunday
c) school exercises to do in your house
d) things you eat
e) very, very good

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