Reading comprehension 2

The Festival of International Traditional Dance

Hi Jamie,

Guess where I am? I’m at The Festival of Traditional International Dance in London, England! It’s fantastic – it’s a weekend festival and there are all sorts of traditional dances from all over the world. My favourite is the stepdance from Ireland – it’s quite a modern dance and you move your legs very quickly and keep your body and arms very rigid. You don’t need a partner for this dance, but you need a lot of energy!

This evening some Brazilians are demonstrating Capoeira – two people do a mixture of dance, acrobatics and martial arts. Then tomorrow (Sunday), a group from Columbia are dancing Cumbia. The women wear traditional long, wide skirts and put tropical flowers in their hair. The men wear white trousers, but no shirts. You move your hips a lot, so this dance makes you tired very quickly.

At the end of each demonstration, the dancers teach you some of the steps. It’s really good fun!

OK, I’m going now, because the next group is starting!

See you soon,



GLOSSARY: partner – pareja, wide – ancho, hips – caderas, steps – pasos

1. Read the text and answer the questions.

a) How many different types of dance are in the text?
b) How many countries are in the text?

2. Read the text again. Answer the questions.

a) What type of dance does Alex like the most?
b) How many days does the festival last?
c) Which dance can you do on your own?
d) What country is Capoeira from?
e) What day is the Capoeira demonstration?
f) What happens when the groups finish their demonstrations?

3. Vocabulary. Find the opposite of these words in the text.

a) terrible
b) old
c) flexible
d) short
e) slowly

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